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Guiding you to the best mops for vinyl floors


You must think that it’s normal to use regular mops for vinyl floors since they are impressively durable and water-resistant. However, the vinyl floors might be damaged due to the sitting water from your poor-quality mops. The coating on the surface of the vinyl floors which acts as their protector will be damaged by the abrasive brushes. With these problems, we think a guide to finding the best mops for Vinyl floors would be a big help for you. The following factors would guide you to the right mop! Let’s get scrolling.


Which one?


As the market is expanding every day, it offers you a wide range of designs for household mops. Speaking of the best mops for vinyl floors, there are many options you can choose from, including:


  • String mops: one of the most popular choices for you. Its cotton strings would offer you a high absorbent mop which is perfect for vinyl floors. However, this is an advantage but also a disadvantage for string mops, since there is a high risk of mildew and slow drying.
  • Strip mops: these are a close-distance cousin of string mops, but with a little adjustment of replacing cotton strings with fabric strips, the strip mops will dry faster and reduce the risk of mildew which makes them a better choice for your vinyl floors.
  • Steam mops: if you are looking for a deep-clean option for your vinyl floors, this one can work well even though the hot steam can affect your floor’s adhesive. This can be fixed by using the steam mops in a mild setting, hence you can clean your floor well and do not cause much damage to the seams.



How well does the wringing process work?


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Yes, vinyl floors can withstand a certain amount of moisture which means the sopping wet mops are not the best fit for them. Hence, the wringing mechanism on the mops would make your chosen mops the best mop for vinyl floors.


There are plenty of options for you to choose from: a bucket with a manual wringing mechanism, a bucket with a spinning mechanism, a wringer attached to the handle, etc. Each option would give you different advantages, it would depend more on your personal preferences and which body parts you want to handle the wringing mechanism. You can use your foot to tap on the bucket to spin the mop head and remove excess water or use your strong arms to twist on the handle of the mop.



How heavy is your mop?


Any cleaning mops would require you to bring them around the house to remove the dust on your floors. But the best mop for vinyl floors would come with a suitable weight for you to carry it around. Most people would prefer the lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, or even plastic handle, however, these materials become too fragile when you want to deep-clean and scrub your floors.


Therefore, if you want a heartful cleaning session with your new mops, then hardwood or metal handles will be the perfect fit which will take on immense pressure without any bending.


Above, we give you an overview of how to choose the best mops for vinyl floors with the main factors you want to consider. However, if you are in a pre-step of installing the vinyl floors over other surfaces before cleaning them with your amazing new mop, The King Live also has something to offer you, check out right here: